Thought of doing management with an entrepreneurial passion? Think BURCH. Through great mentoring and personal support, hands-on internship and critical thinking, we’ll prepare you for the real-world management practice. And we promise you this: you will challenge yourself, accelerate your professional path and excel in business and society. Most importantly, The Department of Management is the place where you will feel a particular sense of belonging.

Bachelor degree

As an undergraduate, you will get involved in organisational behaviour and organisational strategy whilst leading people and managing processes. You will cover all aspects of management and will get first-hand experience in real-world management activities. Why not give it a try? TRY BURCH


Master in Business Administration (MBA)

Master in Business Administration (MBA) is designed for aspiring individuals with industry experience, mid to top management and executives with recently acquired or significantly expanded management responsibilities. We will refine and advance your management skills and expect you to make a real difference in business and society. Accept the challenge? APPLY NOW



Our doctoral program prepares students for careers in research, consulting and teaching in the management stream. The institute encourages research in interdisciplinary areas through a system of joint supervision and cross-departmental engagement.




Francuske revolucije bb, Ilidža
Sarajevo, 71 210

Info for students and parents (Admission office):
+387 33 944 479 | [email protected]

General info: +387 33 944 400 | [email protected]

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