International Relations and European Studies

We need your passion to make a real change in society. To do so, you will be trained in security, globalisation, migration, politics, human rights, environmental issues and global poverty. You will learn from practicing experts with prominent international experience. You will get actively involved in mandatory internships and will be encouraged to study abroad.

Bachelor degree

Work either as a journalist, PR officer, consultant or a competent manager, or simply work on your own as a highly successful influencer in the field of digital communications and public relations.

From blog posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you will learn how to professionally engage your target groups present on these platforms. You will also learn how to create super engaging content that is relevant to different audiences. And yes, your public-speaking confidence will shoot through the roof.

The four-year program in Digital Communications and Public Relations leads to a bachelor’s degree. It integrates media, journalism, communication and public relations studies in a digital environment as well as practical in-house training in these disciplines. The program offers a variety of elective courses in the fields of digital communication, practical journalism, media production and public relations. Talk to us for more details.


Master program and DL Master program

Master program in International Relations and European Studies aims to train professionals and prepare for real-world challenges. Get trained in the fields of economics, management, political science, history, diplomacy, law and philosophy so you can contribute to important global issues resourcefully. Contact us now for more info.



The goal of our PhD program is to develop new generations of political scientists versatile both in theoretical and policy-oriented research. They are able to communicate fluently with target audiences: students, general public and political leaders. Think deeper about political issues, use the latest research methods and drive social change. Learn how.


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