Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE)

Ever heard of embedded systems or smart grids? Looked around and searched for the EEE? Look closer. It’s all around you. Enjoy the experience of discovery, explore the science of engineering, develop market-driven solutions and deliver real-world products. Join us in making a real difference now.

Undergraduate program

As an undergraduate with a three-year bachelor degree prospect, you will get involved in a program with hands-on laboratory practice and state-of-the art equipment. There you will use science and mathematics as a tool in exploring engineering fundamentals. As you progress through the program, you will think about solving current problems in a new way and may receive support in commercialising your idea (remember, we run a BURCH start-up incubator). If this sounds like you, Contact us now.


Master program

Professional networking is at the heart of the EEE Department. We provide mutually beneficial projects and collaboration opportunities with your potential employer. We support you in building a professional network. We really go the extra mile to kick-start your career.

To raise your profile, Embedded Systems and Smart Grids in Electrical Distribution Systems are two great programs leading to a Master’s Degree. These programs are singled out for their market relevance and market demand. Employers need it. We love it. Stay in touch.


PhD program

Electrical and Electronics Engineers are in strong demand globally. The industry requires progressive research, quality lecturing, agile design, testing and development aligned with current research trends and market demands.

If you are driven by the excitement of exploration, technical and theoretical side of electrical engineering, then the EEE PhD is for you. Speak to our team for more information or simply APPLY NOW.




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