Considered learning architectural design in our design studios? Working with the latest software technology using BIM software (Revit and GIS)? If you answered Yes, you will work with practicing architects and get practical architectural education. You will be challenged to investigate design processes and approaches creatively. You will develop visual, technical and design-based skills. On top of that, you will gain professional experience whilst studying.

Bachelor degree

As an undergraduate, you will enjoy an educational program that is the blend of arts and science, practiced in our design studios which will be at the core of your educational process. We will challenge you to develop critical thinking skills through extensive one-on-one interaction and informal communication. As a result, you will get to learn practical and theoretical tools of architectural design, visualisation, structure and technology, urban and interior design, history and theory of architecture, and other skills necessary to make professional decisions that aim in establishing architectural response directed towards making resilient and responsible projections of the future. Contact us now to learn more.


Master program and DL Master program

Master program prepares you for leadership in professional practice, service and individual pursuits. It equips students with specialised practical skills to enter and advance both the discipline and the architectural practice, and is offered in 3 study tracks: Architecture, Interior Design and Construction Management. Contact us now.



Doctoral study aims to develop research skills through analytical investigation of architecture as a discipline. PhD allows for theoretical knowledge expansion through one-year course load followed by an independent research supervised by our staff members.


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